At Handgun Defense, we provide the necessary education for the responsible ownership of a pistol or revolver. By employing proven principles on firearm safety and shooting techniques, you will receive the training that cultivates confidence in handling handguns and the ability to hit your target.


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The training offered by Handgun Defense is based on NRA training principles, years of experience and countless hours of handgun training. Handgun Defense specializes in providing safe, fun and effective training in the use of pistols and revolvers. The programs include basic knowledge for the purchasing of a handgun, safe handgun handling, loading and unloading, basic marksmanship, cleaning and storing as well as additional information on shooting sports activities, reloading and accessories available for your handgun.

For the beginner level “First Steps” training, Handgun Defense can supply the handguns at no additional cost to the student.  This is an exceptional opportunity to try out a broad selection of handguns before deciding which kind, caliber, and model will best suit your needs.  In addition, we provide more challenging training in the defensive use of handguns on a private individual basis as well as corporate training at your own facility.

Handgun Defense also provides the necessary training to meet the requirements to apply for a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit and includes use of a firearm (if needed) free of charge.   Live handgun fire will be conducted and evaluated by an NRA Certified Instructor at a local indoor range.

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